What is Wildtype?

Wildtype is a cultivated seafood company. Our first product is a sushi-grade salmon saku. We believe cultivated seafood will be an important tool to combat the environmental challenges facing ocean health today, namely overfishing, pollution, and warming waters that are driving wild fish towards extinction.

Cellular agriculture is a developing field, but the science behind it has been around for a long time. Since the 19th century, doctors and scientists have grown cells for things like organ transplants, vaccine development, and cancer research. We’re taking those same techniques and applying them to agriculture instead of medicine.

Our founders, a cardiologist and a diplomat, were deeply influenced by their years of service in medicine and international relations. Inspired by breakthroughs in stem cell research, and witnessing firsthand the impact of global food insecurity in places such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, these old friends brought their experiences together to reimagine the future of seafood.

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