Our Salmon

The World's First Cultivated Seafood

Wildtype Salmon Saku

Our first product

“Saku” is the Japanese term for a uniformly cut block of raw fish, perfect for slicing into sashimi. Wildtype salmon saku is the culmination of nearly a decade of research. The result is a cut of fish that's pure, flavorful, and kind to our seas.

Best served raw

Our saku is sushi-grade and best served raw in dishes like sushi, crudo and ceviche. We made it for world class chefs who seek out the distinct flavor and freshness of raw seafood.

Our Process

Wildtype salmon offers a choice beyond wild and farmed fish. It’s a chance to enjoy the seafood we love without sacrificing our food ideals.


The cleanest, most sustainable seafood on the planet.

The same amount of omega 3s & 6s as conventional salmon

Harmful amounts of mercury, antibiotics & parasites

Genuine salmon cells combined with powerful plant ingredients

Environmentally destructive fishing & fish farming practices

Pilot Fishery

We purpose-built our demonstration-scale Fishery in San Francisco to learn everything we can before we begin to scale our production process. This facility looks just like a neighborhood microbrewery, except we grow salmon cells in our tanks instead of beer. We even have our very own tasting room.

Rendering of pilot plant


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