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Our Challenge

The Potential of Cellular Agriculture

Demand for seafood is increasing dramatically, compounded by a growing global population. Yet wild sources are already hitting a breaking point. With so much new demand, we need new tools to sustainably meet the food security challenges of this century.

By growing seafood directly from cells, we no longer have to rely only on wild or farmed fish. What’s more, we have the opportunity to keep what we love about seafood, but reduce our exposure to common contaminants we'd rather avoid.

Our Founders

A Cardiologist and a Diplomat

Our founders, a cardiologist and a diplomat, were deeply influenced by their years of service in medicine and international relations. Inspired by breakthroughs in stem cell research, and witnessing firsthand the impact of global food insecurity in places such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, these old friends brought their experiences together to reimagine the future of seafood.

Wildtype is an energetic, diverse, and earnest team of world-class scientists, chefs, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We share a collective passion for transforming the food system.

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