Our Salmon

How is this different from plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan seafood?

Wildtype produces cultivated seafood, which is quite different from its plant-based counterparts. Plant-based seafood is made from 100% plant-based ingredients, specifically crafted to look and taste like the real thing. Because these products don’t contain any actual seafood, these foods are safe for people with seafood allergies and vegans alike.

In contrast, Wildtype’s cultivated salmon is made with genuine salmon cells that we grow in our cultivation system. If you're allergic to salmon, you should not eat Wildtype salmon.

We want to avoid consumer confusion at all costs, so we’re careful to not market our product as vegan or plant-based. However, many people who choose plant-based diets are excited about cultivated seafood because we don’t need to harm any more marine animals to produce thousands, and eventually millions, of pounds per year.

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