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Wildtype is an energetic, diverse, and inspiring team of world-class scientists, engineers, foodies and entrepreneurs. We share a collective passion for changing the food system.

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We treat each other with respect and create space for diverse ideas to flourish. We offer frequent praise to others when things go well, giving and receiving feedback with kindness. We lead by example, focusing on impact in our community rather than publicity. We earn the trust of each other and the public through transparency, remembering that honesty and humility lead to decisions we can stand by.



We will change global behaviors by crafting the finest seafood in the world. This requires unmatched scientific skill, pride in our work, and customer service, regularly surprising Wildtype customers with unexpected hospitality. Every crewmate is an ambassador of our mission and brand, inspiring and caring for our customers with delight, exquisite service, and quality. In pursuit of excellence, we are accountable for outcomes.



Curiosity connects us and inspires us to question dogma with first-principles thinking. We balance scientific discovery with commercial outcomes. Asking the right questions directs and speeds our innovation, and allows us to understand each other more completely.



We work with velocity (speed + direction) because the future of our planet depends on it. Whenever we look back on our work, we know that we have done everything possible in service of our mission.

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Passion, Purpose, Diversity, and Inclusion

To inspire a transition to a clean, accessible seafood future, we’re looking for committed scientists to fundamentally redefine our food system.

We are committed to building a diverse workplace spanning multiple dimensions including race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, and veteran status.

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