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Scientists, Engineers, Foodies and Entrepreneurs.

Wildtype is an energetic, diverse, and inspiring team of world-class scientists, engineers, nutritionists, foodies and entrepreneurs. We share a collective passion for changing the food system.

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Once at sea, members of a crew only have one another to overcome the many challenges that come their way. Being crewmates means looking out for one another and creating space to bring all of who we are to work.



Our customers demand high-quality seafood that is made with honesty, integrity, and openness. Operating with transparency ensures we bring our community with us on this journey.



Making the leap-forward advances that will define our food system for the next century means bringing rigor, initiative, and perseverance to work with us every day.



We are in the midst of a climate crisis and food security is on the rise around the world. We bring urgency to our work that reflects the importance of our mission.



Above all, we hold ourselves accountable for doing what’s right for one another, our stakeholders, our customers, our communities, and the planet.

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Passion, Purpose, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To reimagine the future of seafood, we’re looking for committed scientists, engineers, and builders to fundamentally redefine how the world sources seafood products.

We are committed to building a diverse workplace spanning multiple dimensions including race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, and veteran status.

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Open Positions

What you’ll be accountable for at Wildtype
  • Lead Wildtype’s process development team, including supervising junior scientists and engineers
  • Partner with our leadership team to define scale-up plans and work through technical roadblocks
  • Lead bioreactor prototype development, installation, and evaluation of new technologies; manage overall bioreactor acquisition and validation plan
  • Establish operating procedures consistent with good manufacturing practices in a food context
  • Optimize production processes to improve product yields consistent with safety and quality standards
  • Transfer bench scale processes through pilot scale, leading to process transfer to commercial scale
  • Design, review, execute, and analyze process development experiments ranging from bench through pilot scale, leading to process transfer to commercial scale
How you'll support others
  • Provide input to setting Wildtype’s goals and milestones for 2022 and 2023
  • Support leaders across the organization through technical problem solving
For this position, you will need
  • At least 5 years of hands-on cell-culture bioprocess development and process transfer from bench- to commercial-scale.
  • A deep understanding of process variables, such as, Kla, power values as they apply to scaling up/down an efficient process.
What we'd like you to teach us
  • Equipment validation to qualify prototype instruments
  • Experience developing processes for a wide variety of cell lines
  • Creatively applying your previous experience to the development of an entirely novel set of bioprocesses
  • Deep experience with a wide range of bioreactor platforms and control systemsHow to work in and lead a diverse, team-based environmentWhat we’ll teach you
  • How to apply your experience in large-scale cell culture to the production of next-generation seafood

What we'll teach you

  • How to apply your experience in large-scale cell culture to the production of next-generation seafood

Impact plan

  • Within 1 month you will have adapted your experience in process development to Wildtype’s unique context. You will have also assumed mentorship responsibilities for at least two more junior scientists and will play an active role in developing the next generation of scientists and engineers at the company. You will have set your professional development goals for the next twelve months.
  • Within 3 months you will have assumed responsibility for Wildtype’s process development team including the installation, validation, operation, and maintenance of the company’s fleet of bioreactors. You will have written and operationalized standard procedures consistent with good manufacturing practices for food. You will regularly design and test new equipment as Wildtype continues to scale its production capacity.
  • Within 6 months your efforts on R&D over the past six months will have also yielded significant improvements to Wildtype’s production efficiencies. Your leadership responsibilities will expand as our production team grows. You will have trained several new hires and built a high-performing team of production associates and supervisors for our pilot production facility. You will have also defined hiring plans for the next stage of Wildtype’s growth into 2022 and 2023. You will be working closely with our leadership team to set production goals and manage output for Wildtype’s pilot plant.
  • Within 12 months you will be overseeing production of cells in the world’s first pilot-scale facility for cell-cultivated seafood. You will be working closely with our facilities and lab managers to ensure adequate stocks of reagents to meet production and R&D cell production demands. You will also be playing a key role in selecting and designing a site for Wildtype’s next production facility.

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What you’ll be accountable for at Wildtype

  • Develop novel medium formulations
  • Perform cell based assays to test the efficacy of medium formulations
  • Independently design and manage research projects, and track progress toward milestones
  • Carry out experiments; maintain accurate notes; present data

How you'll support others

  • Provide input to experimental design, informed by your experimental data

What we'd like you to teach us

  • How you apply what you learned in your PhD to conduct hypothesis-driven mechanistic studies
  • Better understanding of biochemical pathways and their functional role in growth and viability
  • Biochemical and analytical assays to characterize cell metabolism and protein signalling
  • A hunger for learning, growth, and being part of a fast-moving, dynamic team

What we'll teach you

  • How to apply your academic training in a rapidly growing startup environment

  • Functional application of cellular pathways toward development of defined seafood culture medium

  • Large-scale cell culture techniques

Impact plan

  • Within 1 month you will have internalized team goals, and gained a high level understanding of various scientific techniques as well as workflows. You will have designed and conducted your first cell-based assay on your own, with the support of your scientific mentor. You will have learned some basic process development techniques and will be comfortable carrying out these tasks without supervision. You will have defined your professional development goals for the next twelve months.
  • Within 3 months you will be independently leading your first research project. You would have also supported the operation of several bioprocess runs and presented your research findings at the company wide meeting. You will be leading external collaborations with media development partners while providing urgency and active project management support to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Within 6 months you will have demonstrated the ability to take a complex project from the rough concept stage to completion. In your interactions with Wildtype’s broader crew, you will actively build community and seek out opportunities to help members on other teams. You will be ready to assume responsibility for multiple complex projects that require breadth and depth of technical competency.
  • Within 12 months you will be ready to assume responsibility for major projects at Wildtype such as the continued development of custom cell culture medium for Wildtype’s proprietary cell lines. In doing this, you will prepare and present detailed research plans with prioritization and relevant dependencies in support of company goals. You will be able to enlist support from others in the company (both in terms of personnel and material resources) to see your projects to conclusion. You will be able to visualize where your workstream will be in 6-12 months and work backwards from these outcomes to define detailed work plans. Your crewmates at Wildtype will recognize you as a subject matter expert in medium formulation.

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What you’ll be accountable for at Wildtype

  • Establish a system for all company ordering/procurement, inventory, and vendor management
  • Negotiate contract pricing
  • Ensure that lab supply stocks and cold-storage systems are available to support all current and planned work across the company
  • Actively monitor inventory and work with suppliers to avoid stockouts
  • Manage preventative maintenance and repair schedule of all equipment and building system
  • Initially spend 2-3 days a week supporting general lab responsibilities (e.g., sterilization)
  • Promote a strong safety culture

How you'll interface with other teams

  • Partner with scientific teams across the company to project reagents, consumables, and other usage across the company

  • Work closely with our business operations team to negotiate our contract purchasing and repairs and maintenance budget forecasting

  • Work with our teams to maintain equipment and keep accurate records

What we'd like you to teach us

  • How to implement a real-time, organized inventory system to support a rapidly growing startup
  • Apply your experience in writing and applying standard operating procedures for technical or scientific equipment
  • Best practices for proactively procuring supplies from vendors while avoiding stockouts
  • A great can-do attitude and an insatiable appetite for learning new things

What we'll teach you

  • The unique context of our laboratory operations in support of cutting edge cell-cultivated seafood production

  • How to grow from a lab manager to a seasoned operations leader

  • General lab support techniques

Impact plan

  • Within 1 month you will assume full responsibilities for lab management from our existing lab manager. You will have also been trained to support general lab duties across our four scientific teams.
  • Within 3 months you will have made significant upgrades to our lab management practices including a real time inventory monitoring system that can help predict when we might face potential shortages. You will also have formed strong relationships with our key vendors who you will partner with to work around national and worldwide supply shortages.
  • Within 6 months you’ll be ready to operate independently, driving projects forward with minimal supervision. From this point on, you’ll work closely with our Head of Product and CEO to plan and execute purchases for the entire company, while maintaining a well managed inventory across teams. You will also be assisting in the budget forecasting process for 2022. You can expect to periodically report progress on your projects to our entire team and will be assuming an increasing level of responsibility.
  • Within 12 months you’ll be working closely with our Head of Product to design and execute a company-wide best-in-class supply chain management system to ensure inputs for our manufacturing process are procured on time and at the best possible price. You will also lead an audit of inventory management solutions that can increase efficiency.

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What you’ll be accountable for at Wildtype

  • Graphic design, video & content creation
  • Online community management
  • Social media advertising & reporting
  • Social media management

How you'll interface with other teams

  • Coordinate product and photo shoot logistics

  • Source blog stories from scientists

  • Partner with people team to develop and strengthen our employer brand across all channels

What we'd like you to teach us

  • How to grow our brand’s following online
  • How to make beautiful content that sparks interest, informs, and drives appetite appeal and purchase intent

What we'll teach you

  • What our brand stands for, how our technology works - and how it ties in to global health and environmental crises

  • We will provide you with a budget and tools to learn new social media & content strategies and tactics

Impact plan

  • Within 1 month as the first member of our marketing team, you’ll have the opportunity to build our community management group from the ground-floor. You’ll be working independently to engage with existing followers, source relevant news stories and maintain a daily posting cadence. You’ll develop a posting calendar and brainstorm potential campaigns.
  • Within 3 months you will have led content creation that increased engagement. You will have led advertising campaigns that grew followers. You will have secured 5+ brand ambassadors to share Wildtype’s story with their followers.
  • Within 6 months you will have increased and improved our presence on every social media channel. You will understand what levers best control follower growth. You will have also laid a foundation for content creation across the entire company.
  • Within 12 months you will have developed and refined our content strategy for launching the first cell-cultivated seafood products in the world. We want you to feel a deep sense of ownership over Wildtype’s brand and customer experience, including how that is broadcast among the community.

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We are always open to meeting like-minded people who share our passion for changing the food system. If there are no positions that fit your background or expertise, please contact us with ideas of how we can work together.

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