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Why Wildtype?

We're on a mission to defend Earth's wild places by inspiring a transition to clean and accessible seafood.

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Delicious Seafood

Years of research paid off: Wildtype salmon's buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich umami flavors make for the perfect bite.

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Clean Nutrition

We can get what we love about fish – like omega 3s and 6s – and reduce our exposure to things we don't – like mercury, parasites, and antibiotics.

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Healthy Oceans

Our oceans make or break us. Food, air, climate – we owe it all to them. With Wildtype, we can finally take pressure off our oceans.

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Making Waves

Our sushi-grade cultivated salmon offers a choice beyond wild and farmed fish.

It's fresh, clean, delicious seafood – just without the sea.

For people who want a clean conscience and a clean ocean.