Introducing Wildtype Sushi-Grade Salmon

Last summer we gathered with friends, chefs, journalists, and others at Olympia Oyster Bar in Portland, OR to taste the world’s first cell-based salmon.

Although it was a momentous evening for us, we knew it was only our first version, and a first step. We’ve now taken a second big step. We couldn’t be more excited to unveil the next batch of Wildtype seafood: sushi-grade pacific salmon that’s perfect for sashimi, nigiri, or your favorite salmon roll.

Sushi dinner on beautiful plates

Wildtype salmon rolls with avocado, cucumber, and pickled ginger

Our cell-based sushi is even closer to the full experience and fatty texture of the finest wild-caught pacific salmon. We’re also closer than ever to achieving nutritional equivalence, including the same amount of nutritious omega-3 fats per serving.

Salmon pan frying in a skillet

Our salmon is heat-stable and delicious in a wide variety of culinary applications

A seat at the sushi bar

Salmon sushi roll with avocado on the outside

Wildtype salmon and avocado rolls

Along with these new product developments, we’re excited to share more about how we’ll bring our salmon to you. Working with our partner chefs, regulatory representatives, and future customers, we plan to launch with a select group of sushi restaurants. We believe sushi restaurants present us with a unique opportunity to start building a food future that’s healthier for people and the planet. As customers seek greater transparency in food production, traceability, and safety assurance, we are proud to craft our salmon locally here in the United States. If you’d like to be among the first to try Wildtype sushi, please join our wait list here.

Introducing our Chef Advisory Board

Chefs cleaning kitchen

A few of our chef friends hard at work in Portland, Oregon

We’re formalizing and expanding our Chef Advisory Board, a group of chefs from around the country, who will join us on our journey of perfecting our cell-based salmon and partnering with us to bring it to market. From the first days at Wildtype, we’ve sought active and transparent engagement with the restaurant community to help us craft the best products. We continue to marvel at the creativity, engagement, and guidance provided by our chef community. If you or your favorite chef want to learn more about joining our Chef Advisory Board, please get in touch.

Putting the Wild in Wildtype

Various Wildtype Logos in coral, cream and blue color combinations

We’re thrilled to share our new brand identity. Our logo is inspired by the organic, imperfect lines of handmade craftsmanship and the artistic process of woodblock printing. The Wildtype name (now shortened to just one word) and brand will continue to honor our mission to create delicious seafood exactly as it exists in the wild.

More than ever, we believe that we cannot do this alone. We hope you will explore our new website, connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and join us on our journey to improve our food system for good.

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