Salmon in the Smithsonian!

Wildtype salmon is now on display in The FUTURES, the Smithsonian’s newest exhibit!

We’re thrilled to share that Wildtype salmon nigiri is featured in The FUTURES, the Smithsonian’s newest exhibit. The FUTURES is a part-exhibit, part-festival experience that showcases more than 150 awe-inspiring objects, ideas, prototypes, and installations that fuse art, technology, design, and history to help visitors imagine the many possible futures on the horizon - including a small bento box filled with Wildtype cultivated salmon nigiri.

The FUTURES is housed in the Arts + Industries Building (AIB), the Smithsonian’s second-oldest building, which opened in 1881 as America’s first National Museum and remains an architectural icon in the heart of the National Mall. Over the years, its soaring halls introduced millions to wonders that were about to change the world—Edison’s lightbulb, the first telephone, the Apollo rockets, to name a few. Dubbed the “Palace of Wonders” and “Mother of Museums,” AIB incubated new Smithsonian museums for over 120 years before finally closing to the public in 2004. The FUTURES is a milestone first step in the effort to permanently reopen this landmark space.

A Wild Reality

While some of the items on display in The FUTURES are merely possibilities, our Wildtype salmon nigiri, featured in the “deli case of the future” is an actual reality. While we don’t have any dates to share about our upcoming market launch, we are incredibly encouraged by our conversations with both the FDA and potential customers alike. Wildtype salmon will be a thing of the present very soon!

Join Our Waitlist

Interest and demand for cultivated meat and seafood are growing by the day. We are eager to share our cultivated salmon sushi with you and we are looking forward to activating our waitlist, which is filled with our earliest supporters. Earlier this fall, we opened our tasting room (by appointment only). We call this space The Dock because it’s located in the loading dock of our demonstration-scale pilot plant located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. So far, all of our tastings have been dedicated to product development, but we are very close to starting to include seafood fans from our waitlist who want to get a first taste of the future of seafood. If you’re not already on the waitlist, sign up here look out for special announcements coming soon!

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