Wildtype & Solaris: no heads or tails, but lots of scale

We set out on a mission six years ago to create the cleanest, most sustainable seafood on earth. But why do we need a new way of making seafood?

For starters, global seafood consumption is expected to increase 23 million tons annually by 2030. To put that into perspective, this is equivalent to the mass of ~50 Burj Khalifas (the world’s tallest building) every year. Meanwhile, wild fish stocks continue to plummet, with approximately 1/3rd of all fishing now at biologically unsustainable levels. Our oceans also store 93% of all greenhouse gases. Add all this up, and it’s clear that we simply can’t afford to break our oceans’ ecosystem if we’re serious about averting the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

And by the way, our oceans are polluted, so we shouldn’t be surprised when mercury, microplastics, and other contaminants find their way into the seafood on our plates.

Enter Wildtype.

Our first product, Wildtype salmon sushi is delicious and free of the stuff we’d rather not find in our seafood. It also creates a new option for eating the foods we love that doesn’t add additional pressure to an already fragile planet.

Over the past few years, we’ve made quick progress in making the cleanest, most delicious seafood on earth. It’s also more affordable and ready to scale than ever before.

If we’re going to have a chance at meeting this moment and producing that next 23 million tons of seafood per year sustainably, we’ll need partners to help us build the infrastructure to make a lot of seafood. Like, a lot of seafood.

One of the most important pieces of this infrastructure is the cultivator. They’re very similar to the steel vessels you’d find in a brewery or a yogurt manufactory. Kind of like this…

The thing is, these cultivators need to be really big and able to keep our salmon cells happy and growing. We knew we needed a partner who was able to make the highest quality cultivators quickly and efficiently. We scoured the globe and found our partner in a region in northern Italy famous for some serious precision engineering (ciao, Ferrari!).

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Solaris, a Donaldson brand renowned for its specialized bioprocessing equipment including custom cultivators for food and beverage production. With this partnership we will continue to expand our capacity at Wildtype and invest in the next generation of cultivators that will help make our products more affordable and accessible.

Partnerships like this will help cultivated seafood evolve from a niche industry into a viable source of seafood to pick up where wild and farmed fish have left off. We couldn’t be more excited about this collaborative work that will help us achieve our vision of being the world’s seafood producer with the lowest carbon footprint.

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