Help Us Protect the World’s Largest Wild Salmon Fishery

Join Wildtype and The Conservation Fund in the effort to protect the world's most important wild salmon habitat in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The Pedro Bay Rivers Project will protect over 44,000 acres of world-renowned wild salmon habitat through conservation easements that will block a critical access route to Pebble Mine.

Pebble Mine, a proposed copper and gold mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay, threatens to destroy critical habitat that supports the world’s largest wild salmon run. While state and federal governments have not yet approved permits for Pebble Mine, it’s clear that this ecologically sensitive area must be permanently protected.

The Bristol Bay region is a pristine and important place. It’s home to the largest wild salmon fishery in the world, accounting for 57% of the global sockeye salmon harvest. The world’s most significant watersheds for salmon are located in the heart of Bristol Bay, on the northeastern end of Iliamna Lake. It’s here that the Pedro Bay Corporation, an Alaska Native Village Corporation, has remained a longstanding steward of the critical fish and wildlife habitat and traditional cultural resources now threatened by Pebble Mine.

Bristol Bay is teeming with wildlife on and off the water, and the region supports over 15,000 jobs. Sustainable wild salmon fisheries like Bristol Bay are critical to global food security. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization projects that we’ll see a 30% increase in global seafood demand by 2030 - or an annual increase of approximately 40M tons. Wildtype believes that we must preserve our existing sustainable fisheries as well as pursue new sources of seafood like cellular agriculture.

These lands and waters are also critically important for subsistence use by Alaska Natives, archaeological research, and cultural and historic preservation. This pristine place is currently under major threat from the industrial mining and development of Pebble Mine, but by coming together we can ensure a better outcome.

Join Wildtype and The Conservation Fund in the effort to conserve one of the world’s most sustainable fisheries. Wildtype will match the first $10,000 in donations at the link below!

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Photography by Jason Ching

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